DuPont Showcases Smart Solutions for Enhancing Patient Comfort, Compliance at COMPAMED/MEDICA 2019

新闻稿 | 11月 27日, 2019
DuPont Showcases Smart Solutions for Enhancing Patient Comfort, Compliance at COMPAMED/MEDICA 2019

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, Nov. 18, 2019 – DuPont is highlighting here at COMPAMED (Hall 8a, Stands K37 and K39) and MEDICA 2019 (Hall 13, Stand D46) how its advanced material solutions, decades of expertise and industry collaborations are enabling next-generation devices that enhance patient comfort, convenience and compliance. The company is playing an important role in the development of smarter healthcare solutions, particularly devices for self-administered drug delivery and connected, wearable technologies. These innovations give patients greater control over their health and wellness while reducing costs and optimizing clinician resources. By increasing device usability and accuracy, and promoting a positive user experience, DuPont’s portfolio of silicone skin adhesives and specialty polymers help achieve better patient outcomes.

“As the industry transitions to a proactive, well-care approach emphasizing active patient participation and care delivery in outpatient and home settings, DuPont is leveraging its materials, technical resources and partnerships across the global value chain to drive the development of next-generation devices,” said Jennifer Gemo, global strategic marketing leader, Healthcare at DuPont Transportation & Industrial. “Our patient-centric technologies for enhancing comfort and effectiveness, such as soft, conformable silicone skin adhesives, and functional specialty polymers for smaller, less-invasive, self-administered drug delivery devices, help improve patient compliance. DuPont is committed to advancing the development of new wearables and self-care devices for better patient outcomes.”

Enabling Next-generation Device Designs

At COMPAMED 2019 DuPont is exhibiting its portfolio of silicone adhesives, elastomers and specialty polymers for patient-centric applications, such as wound and ostomy care and self-administered drug delivery devices, which are also on display.

For example, the company’s high-performance materials, such as Crastin® SC193 polybutylene terephthalate-styrene acrylonitrile (PBT-SAN) resin, allow designers to develop functional components with better resistance to static and longer-term load for injection pens, and to ease the actuation of the device while ensuring stability during the fabrication step. These stiffness properties are especially important in injection devices that must withstand extra stress from highly viscous, large-molecule biologic drugs.

DuPont is also displaying its expanding portfolio of silicone skin adhesives with a broad range of peel strengths for different device requirements and wear durations. For example, the company’s non-irritating soft skin adhesives (SSAs), featuring gentle adhesion and easy removal/repositioning, are well suited for advanced wound care and for populations with vulnerable or delicate skin, such as infants and the elderly. DuPont pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) with higher peel strength can be used for transdermal drug delivery patches and wearable monitors, as they provide reliable adhesion for longer periods.

In addition to patient comfort and reliable performance, DuPont silicone adhesives deliver enhanced conformity to skin surfaces to ensure sensors in connected wearables receive accurate, high-quality data.

Enhancing Connected and Wireless Monitoring Devices

Concurrently, at MEDICA 2019 DuPont is featuring a new connected wearable device concept that illustrates the power of bundling existing materials and technologies to create breakthrough solutions. The concept, a wearable patch prototype designed by the Holst Center and manufactured by Pronat Medical, combines DuPont™ Intexar™ soft, stretchable electronics and DuPont silicone SSAs to optimize skin conformability, breathability and patient comfort. It is intended for measuring cardiovascular activity.

The features and advantages of this novel concept will be presented by Russell Anderson, technical specialist for DuPont Advanced Materials, at the MEDICA Connected Healthcare Forum session on Digital Prevention. He will speak on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 4:45 p.m. Central European Time (CET).

DuPont’s dedication to improving the patient experience and driving positive outcomes with smarter healthcare solutions is at the foundation of its participation at COMPAMED and MEDICA 2019. DuPont technology and market experts are available at both events to discuss current industry challenges and how the company’s advanced materials can drive the development of next-generation technologies for the medical industry. 


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